First trip after makeover

The first trip Qingdao, China to Gyeokpo, Korea.

Leaving China without any sea trials on here first touch to water is a tuff thing to do, but as the Chinese authorities did not give me the change. This was what we have to do.

Margarita did well but we have something that I did not expect out on open water, seaweed  100 and 100 of square meters, the sea was green and it was thick. We were cursing in zick-zack for about 6 to7 hours just to find the best way. Everything was stuck with seaweed; water intake had to be cleaned as it was just like a big flower attached to the hull

The entry to Korean water was very nice, good wind with just perfect sailing, cruising in 9 knots it not too bad. A very welcome from the Korean coastguards and they guide us whole way to the marina. First trip all in all was 437 nautical mils and Margarita did well, just smaller adjustment that have to be done in Korea.