S/Y Margarita a formosa 51 in here berth in Lankawie, Malaysia. Here owner was a UK guy and she was for sale!

A fat ass baby, but she looks good!

For me it was love at the first sight!

She looked good and I just wanted her and now the Voyage starts in double meaning.

From the beginning my plan was just a few smaller things to do. Shift out some rotten parts of wood and varnish that’s all!

I can’t just leave thing undone when you see them, so the few thing became more and more and finally I just made an empty hull of her.

Took out everything and started from the beginning.

Read more about my total make over and you will see a new born Margarita!

When S/Y Margarita will start here long and very interesting journey around the globe, you will find the rout plane and where and when you can join the trip.

We will always have room for some extra hands on-board as we are sailing shorthanded.

If you have very good sailing experience of ocean sailing that will give you priority on board. 

Photos and specification and what we have done with S/Y Margarita during 2011 to 2015 and spend more than 18.000 working hours to make here into what she is today.

I very special and beautiful sailing yacht with influence of the owner, designed to comfort and hi-tech solutions. 

Everything started many years back when I decided to build myself on 53 foot Stay Sail Schooner!

After moving to China I had to sell her, but the sea hold my heart so June 2010 I find my self a new lady,

S/Y Margarita, one Formosa 51.

You can read more about her trip to

China and the rebuild I am working on.

Good luck and have fun.

Paul Stambeck